Diagram Dilemma

I randomly had this idea pop into my head the other day whilst driving in my car. My kids were in the backseat opening up some Kinder Surprise eggs and I was wondering if my eldest son could follow the very vague instructions to build his toy. Which got me thinking about the other very vague and hard to follow instructions, Ikea building instructions. Then I just thought about the guy who creates them and how everyone probably hates him, but then I thought, what about his story? Does he have other problems in his life? Like maybe he loves giving everyone he knows hard to follow instructions for other things. After that I came up with the idea that he was having a house warming party and instead of just giving everyone his new address, he gives them vague, hard to follow instructions.

I like to keep Ikea catalogs in my office to use for reference when drawing rooms, so I grabbed one to use for the inspiration for the design of everything in this cartoon. So that’s an actual Ikea couch, lamp, coffee table and rug that I drew, because you need authenticity in a silly joke cartoon, right?

Just curious, do you like when I post all the sketches, inks and stages I go through? Just wondering if I should keep doing it or not. Anyway, enjoy!



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