Pretty Much Every Adult Game of Monopoly Ever – Special Features

Ok, so as promised here are all the stages I went through to make this weeks cartoon, not that it really matters as there’s probably only a handful of people who even read this but here we go:


So after the initial idea, which I’ve had for some time now as I’ve always had this theory that pretty much all Monopoly games ends like this, I did a quick sketch:

As you can see, the format was slightly different as of late I’ve been keeping my cartoons to a square format in case I want to post them on my Instagram account. In the end I decided to go with an old-school 3 panel comic strip format, which I played around with in the pencils stage:

Then I inked it:

Then I scanned it and finished it off on my PC to finally look like this:

And there you go! Hope you like it.



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