Finished in a Flash

Sorry this one is a day late, I ran out of time yesterday. That and I’m also trying out some new software which delayed things even more. You see for years now I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to colour and add text and what not to my cartoons. If you don’t know, these 2 programs are and industry standard and for a good reason. There’s not much as far as competition goes, which is also why the programs are both stupidly expensive. Even more so now that you have to subscribe to them, so you get slapped with a massive fee every year or month. So I happen to search for a cheaper alternative the other day and I found one! Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are both really awesome, here look yourself I’m currently using the 10 day trail on both but I’m going to buy the full one’s tomorrow, which are currently on sale on the Windows 10 store, score! Now these 2 programs are still not as good as the Adobe one’s, but for what I use them for they’re perfect. It’s just going to take a lot to get use to them and work with over 20 years of Adobe muscle memory.

Anyway, I have been kicking this idea around for years now, up until recently I was always going with a “Speed Dating” angle of some sort. But that’s not quite lowbrow enough for me now is it?

So here’s the first preliminary sketch I did:

As you can see, I needed some reference pictures to help me draw Sonic and Flash better so I Google Image searched and then did these sketches to help:

Then I moved onto doing the pencils:

Now here’s a really good example of why using an erasable coloured pencil is so handy. See I used my red col-erase pencil to draw the bed and background first, then I used a regular 2B pencil to dawn in the characters and details. Then onto the inks:

Then finally some colouring in my shiny new Affinity Photo and Designer programs and all done!! Hope you like it.



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