Paper Cuts are Jerks

Welcome back, sorry about last week, school holidays started last week and I had a family visitor so I didn’t have much spare time and our spare bed is in the same room as my office. Anyway, this is the cartoon I started last week. I got this idea a little while back when I had a paper cut and stupidly used some had sanitizer, which is seriously painful I might add. So, as when we always make some stupid mistake we always try and blame someone else for it. Now who could I blame? Why not the paper cut? And I really hate paper cuts, so I thought I’d make them into jerks, hell why not, right?

Now you may notice that this strip has a slightly different style format. I thought I’d try something new by posting my cartoons to my Instragram account ( which use a square shape format and I noticed a bunch of other cartoonists doing it so I thought I’d try it. What do you think?

Oh, so this is my last cartoon for a month as I’m going to do Inktober again this year, so I’ll be posting my daily drawings here over October, so look out for that instead.

See you next time!



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