A Controlling Spouse

Hello again, woo hoo, 2 weeks in a row! It’s been awhile since I’ve said that, I’m taking that as a good sign that things are finally returning to “normal” again. Mind you, school holidays are coming up so I need to make sure I’m all organised for that and get everything ready as I won’t have my usual Monday mornings to myself to get some cartoon work done.

Of late I’ve been getting idea inspiration from my Facebook feed, well not really ideas, just ideas for subject matter. If your not aware the debate for allowing gay marriage is a big thing here in Australia at the moment. So I’ve had a lot of stuff about it in my feed, which was what inspired this idea. Oh and just for the record, I’m all for gay marriage, which is why I kind of made fun of the ridiculousness of the fact that it still is illegal in Australia in this cartoon. I can’t see any valid reason why gay people can’t marriage in all seriousness. That and I’m also not a big fan of people referring to things being “gay” because they’re bad, it’s not cool. I once had a customer I was serving in my retail job complain that a game in the console bundle he wanted was “gay”. Which offended me more than I thought it would, that and it was an NBA game and I love the NBA, so it offended me in two ways really, what a douche.

Oh and I also threw in a nod to a good mate of mine who, every time I was at his place and we played Xbox I always got stuck with the bright pink controller. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insecure at all about pink being a “girls colour”, hell my favourite colour is purple which is not the most masculine colour around. I just hate pink, anyway we were joking about the pink controller the other week so I thought I’d throw it in there for a laugh.


Anyway, enjoy, see you next time!



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