The Carrot Fairy

Oh man, I feel so bad that after having all that time off I finally post a new cartoon and I and then the rest of the house got really sick so I didn’t get a chance to do a new cartoon for another 2 weeks. So sorry for the delay yet again. Now I’m all healthy, I’m super keen to get back into the swing of things again and some work done!

This cartoon comes from this running joke a good mate of mine and I used to have “back in the day” (which is what old guys like me say when they mean back when I was a teenager/early twenties, which was quite some time ago) that there was this magic “carrot fairy” that would hover above you whilst you were throwing up to chop up little bits of carrot to put in your puke. I mean, have you ever wondered why there always seems to be bits if carrot in your vomit even though you never ate any recently? So we always used to joke about it, especially when we were drinking and for some reason I thought about it the other day, probably as that mate of mine had a birthday the other day and he was posting photos of him drinking for it on Facebook. So in honor of my good mate Pom, I drew the character in this strip to look a little like him as well just, to give him some credit for the idea. So cheers Pom, mate!

Anyway, hope you all like it!



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