I Beg to Differ

I got the beginnings of this idea the other week when I was reading through an online article showing warning signs for stupid people. Like painfully obvious signs, that illustrates the downfall of common sense in modern society. The first version of the idea was very similar to the final cartoon, except it was set at an Nickelback concert, because you know how much I LOVE Nickelback. But I’ve done something similar before, plus I got thinking that bad taste in music isn’t necessarily an indication of lower intelligence….maybe. That and I’ve already got another Nickleback cartoon idea I want to do, so I don’t want to overdue it. So I needed some other sort of event that stupid people would go to, and what’s the stupidest ‘fad’ I could think of at the moment? Yep, Flat-earthers. Now I’m not going into a long debate and reasons why I think that thinking the earth is flat is very stupid, because well, I couldn’t be bothered and it would take too long. Let’s just leave it at the fact I think it’s ridiculously stupid so I associate it stupidity therefor that’s the joke. I’m going to annoy some people aren’t I? Well at least it’s not Nickelback, Big Bang Theory and Apple fans, my usual go to groups of people to pick on.





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  1. Nice!

    could have done anti vaxers instead

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