Man vs Inanimate Object

I don’t know about you, but I get so mad when I accidentally bump into an inanimate object and I always get mad at it for some reason. I mean, who’s fault is it really? The doofus who doesn’t watch where he’s going or the innocent chest of drawers? Even if you are worked up enough to actually take it out on said object, it’s never really very satisfying is it? As you can probably guess I bumped into something the other day and it gave me this idea, although it wasn’t a set of drawers, it was my car. I changed it to the drawers as it worked better visually and humourously. I was cleaning the car the other day and as I got out, I bumped my head, which freakin’ hurt like hell, but on the plus side this idea pretty much came to me straight away. I liked the idea that you can’t blame the object for hurting you, but maybe you should. That and I also loved the idea of a trash talking set of drawers that’s only really brave when it’s out of earshot.

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