Casual Racism


I love the often strange ways I sometimes get ideas and subjects for ideas, especially when I’m not even trying to think of one, it’s such and lovely surprise. Like this one for example. A couple of weeks back a friend of mine on Facebook made a comment about how casual racism is still racism. Now often I like to respond to friends Facebook status updates by searching what they’re talking about on Google Image search and add “meme” at the end to find something funny to reply with. Why do I do this? Well, it’s fun. Anyway I did a search for “Casual racism meme” and got this gem:

So I posted it, but afterwords I thought about and thought “Damn, why didn’t I think of that? That would have made a good cartoon”. So you know what? I thought I’d then give myself a challenge and make my own cartoon idea about casual racism. And that’s it, after a bit of brainstorming I came up with this idea.

I really had to be careful when I drew this, I didn’t want to resort to any racial cliches with how the characters looked. I didn’t want to be the guy complaining about racism but then resorting to racial stereotypes and end up being a hypocrite. So I did spend a fair bit of time making sure they both looked just right and not too over the top. I think that’s why I usually only draw boring, safe white people, but maybe I should start to practice drawing different races now….yes, that’s a good idea.

Awhile back some of you suggested that I start posting links to my cartoons on Reddit, I remember when I started this blog years ago I looked into it and there used to be a rule on Reddit that you couldn’t post your own links so I never looked into it. But that’s all changed now, so I set up an account and I’ll post the links there every week.




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