The Art of Assumption

Happy Monday! It’s new cartoon time! So the other day I was in the city about buy some sushi for lunch and there was a guy in front of my buying some as well. When I heard his voice, for some stupid reason (I blame my small country town heritage) I automatically thought “That guy must be gay”, purely as because of the way he talked. Look, I know it’s bad and honestly I felt bad just for thinking it but it did get me thinking about assuming that people are gay when they may not be, or someone getting upset because you assume they are gay, even if they actually are. So as I was eating my sushi I was pondering over this, which eventually led me to coming up with this idea. All I wrote in my notebook at the time was this “I didn’t know you were gay”. Yep that’s it, I always write as vague notes as possible when I’m out and about, for a few reasons, one is that I only carry a small notebook, two is that I’m usually doing something or going somewhere so I don’t have much time and third is when I think have time to go through my notebook it forces me to rethink it and get my mind back into the original thought process and find what the funny bit is.

I was wondering as I finished this cartoon if the “slurp, slurp” was a bit too much, but then I realized that I just drew a joke about a guy getting blown by another guy at work. So it’s safe to say, that if there was a line, I crossed it awhile back. In the end, I like the added sound effect, it’s funny.

Hope you like it, see you next time!



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