Face Off

Well, another Monday is here again, so I thought I kick the week off with a Donald Trump/Dick joke, why not? It’s funny, originally this was a LeBron James joke that my old work partner in crime, Scotty and I thought up ages ago. Let me explain: A couple of years ago the new NBA 2K game came out and on the Xbox 360 they were bragging about this new feature in it, where you could scan your face with the Kinect camera and put your face on a player in the game. The idea we came up with back then was that a guy scans his dick and puts it on a player but he then has the problem of not being able to tell his player and LeBron James apart. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell by that, I really dislike LeBron…..in fact I’ve done a cartoon about him before, here have a look:¬†http://brinkscartoons.com/?p=129¬†Look say what you will about the man, yes he can play a damn good game, but his ego is freakin’ ginormous and he’s a massive tool to boot. Anyway, so I left this idea lying around way too long, I’m not even sure if you can still put your face in NBA 2K anymore. Either way, the idea evolved into this one, but that’s not the whole story about it’s development.

Last night my wife was giving both our boys a bath whilst I was having a shower and she was doing something with her phone and my youngest son asked her to open Snapchat and take a photo of them. Straight away I thought to myself, “I hope they don’t want to face swap or put silly faces on their wangs”. Then straight after that thought, I little light bulb went off in my head and I thought about the old LeBron idea and that I might update it to Donald Trump, because let’s be honest here, can you think of a bigger dickhead at the moment? Yep, me neither.

Anyway, hope you like it, see you next time!




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