Ah, it feels good to be back doing cartoons again, I’m really looking forward to doing more general art again soon as well. There’s just another project I’m working on that I have to finish first then I’ll get back into it!

I have a bunch of lists that I list “complete” cartoon ideas on that I often refer to when I have no idea of what I’m going to draw for the week. Most of the time, something happens that sparks and idea during the week and I often do that, but sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s when  I use my lists. Last week I wasn’t very organised and feeling lazy, so I wanted something easy to do, as in just one panel. Honestly, this idea has been on that list for some time now but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to do. That was until I did a quick sketch of it and it turned out better than I expected. I think I was worried that the phone the drink was holding wouldn’t be clear enough to see, but it worked out just fine. This idea obviously originated from those damn perfect looking menu photo’s they use in McDonalds. You know the ones, the pictures of burgers that have so much glue and crap gunked on it, to make it look awesome but therefor making it utterly inedible….those ones. Which is why people in the ads never actually take a bite from their food, because they’d probably die if they did. I always like to point out and notice bad food eating acting in commercials, it amuses me. So yes, what would happen if fast food had their version of Tinder? Well, this is what I think would happen anyway, the product photo is never a good looking as the reality when it comes to burgers.

Hope you like it, see you next time!



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