Ash: The Adult Years


Sometimes when you’re exposed to something quite a lot you just can’t help but get an idea about it because it’s always there and you think about it so much, this week’s cartoon is one of these times, but not it the way you think. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge Pokemon fan, I’ve played the crap out of the games, I’m so excited for Sun and Moon later this year and I’m still pissed my piece of shit phone can’t run Go. Now you’d think that after the ridiculous amount of hours I’ve put into all these games I would do more Pokemon cartoons, but no and I’ve never really watched the cartoon….until now that is.

My eldest son Dash has become a bit obsessed with Pokemon of late, which I’ve gotta say is a parental milestone for me, but he’s still a bit too young for the main games and the card game. Oh man, when we can play those together is pretty much what I’ve been dreaming of since I found out I was going to be a father, father and son battling away….hell yes. Anyway, so he’s been reading through my Pokedex books, playing Pokken Tournament and watching the crap out of the X and Y series on Netflix. So I’ve been watching a bit of it as well, but I’m mainly hearing it while I do stuff in the kitchen, it’s totally not as bad as I  thought it was. Except for those Team Rocket dipshits, I mean jesus after 17 seasons or so they still can’t catch Pikachu and Ash still can’t recognize them in a piss poor “disguise”? Come on. Those guys need a freakin’ hobby that’s for sure. This has happened to me before when my boys are obsessed with something and I get overexposed to it and therefore get cartoon ideas from it, can’t think of an example off the top of my head though.

So you can probably guess how I got this cartoon idea right? Do you realize how much I now have that damn Pokemon theme song in my head? Yep, quite a lot and do you know what the last line of it is? It’s “Gotta catch ’em all, Pokemon!”. Oh and can you guess what song is in my head now as I type this? One day whilst that damn song was bouncing around my head for like the 50th time that day, I started thinking about Ash “catching them all” and what else he might catch. And well, it never takes my mind long to get into the gutter so viola!  It wasn’t until the sketching phase that I got the idea of Ash being older and I just loved the idea of him being old, kind of washed up and complaining about all the groupies he’s slept with. I did contemplate making him even older and looking way sicker, but I was worried about it ending up not looking like him so I made him at least and adult (hence the goatee) and a bit sickly with some spots and an itchy face.

I have a whole bunch of sketches and stuff I did for this one that I plan to post on Wednesday as a “Special Features” type post, I used to do these awhile ago on my Blogger Blog (which technically is all here now as I converted it all over, I’m still in the process of organizing and tagging them all properly, it’s just very time consuming) and I’d like to start doing again. So keep an eye out on Wednesday night.

See ya next time!


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