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So my other “real” job is I work in a retail store selling video games and stuff, my store happens to be in a big shopping centre. Often on my breaks I go to the nearest supermarket to get a drink, I did this last Saturday and on my way back to work I walked past the Apple store, which I normally don’t give much attention to as, well I don’t like Apple stuff honestly. Anyway, this time I looked in and I just happen to notice how many damn hipsters work in there these days, it was crazy! So I made a note of this is my handy pocket notebook. Ages ago I had a vague idea that I wrote down about a virus infecting a comic convention (or terrorists blowing up the building or something), and it crippling the IT industry or something along those lines, I don’t know as I never finished it or figured out a good punchline for it. But, I kind of used that vague idea and combined it with my other thought about hipsters working in Apple stores and I pretty much came up with this new idea. It’s amazing how many times I managed to combine two seemingly useless ideas into one useful one, which is why I always write down every half idea I have in my trusty pocket notebook.  I did have another half done cartoon that I started on Saturday night that I was going to finish last night, but yesterday I just got thinking about this idea and I really wanted to do it. Probably because I love poking fun at Apple, as their fans get worked up so easily, it’s fun. Seriously, it’s just a phone people, Samsung or Apple? I don’t give a shit, I have a really old Samsung phone am I a Samsung fan? No, I don’t care, I just got it. Piece of crap won’t run Pokemon Go I know that.  I always find it odd how worked up people get over which company is better, same with Xbox and Playstation, I’m a gamer and yet I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One, I have my PC and my Nintendo consoles, that does me. I don’t care which one is “better” than the other. I remember when I was a kid there literally was school yard fights over which was better, Nintendo or Sega. I always had Nintendo but I still didn’t really give that much of a shit to fight about it, then or now. I mean I prefer one thing over and other yes, but do I think it’s better than the other one? Not necessarily, I mean each to their own. You like iPhones, fine, I don’t care, just don’t try and get me to get one. Why do you have to pick one anyway? Marvel or DC? Why not both? Anyway that was a pointless, almost incoherent rant. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah…

The original text was going to be that there was a dangerous staff shortage at Apple store and Starbucks. Starbucks, another one of my least favourite companies and another one I like to make jokes about, probably why I chose it in the beginning to be honest. But I started thinking about it and I actually don’t think that many hipsters work at Starbucks, sure, shitloads of them hang out there drinking shitty “coffee” and reading shit on their iPads, but not so much working there. Teenagers who can’t make coffee, yes, hipsters, not so much. Wow, I’m really pissing people off in this post aren’t I? Lucky hardly anyone actually reads this part of the posts anyway so I’m safe. Anyway, so I realized that it’s actually “trendy” cafe’s that a full of hipster baristas so I changed it. To verify this, I did a Google search for “Hipster Jobs” and I found this cool list: Holy crap! I’m and artist, a blogger and I’ve studied Graphic and Web Design….and I have a beard! Shit! Lucky I have no fashion sense…..Oh thank god I just did a quiz (here: and I’m not a hipster, sweet!

Ok, better go before I annoy any more people, you know I love you Apple fans, some of my best mates are Apple fans. But screw you people who drink Starbucks, that shit is disgusting. See ya next time!



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