Mid-Week Randomness #3: Dad Signs

Wow, it’s been awhile since I did a Mid-Week update. So as you may or may not know I work part-time in a retail store selling stuff, among other things, primary of which is making signs and such. Most of the time I’m just doing letters and numbers, which I actually enjoy I have to admit, but every now and again someone asks me to do something more creative, which is awesome.

As I mentioned on Monday this Sunday here in Australian is Father’s Day, the other week one of my awesome co-workers came up with an idea to draw lots of different cartoon Dad’s within speech bubbles. So I drew up 10 different Dad cartoons and left space to place a product name and price, then they got photocopied onto coloured paper and then got written on and placed all around the store.

Here they are:

IMG_20160820_165224 IMG_20160820_165235 IMG_20160820_165244 IMG_20160820_165259 IMG_20160820_165304 IMG_20160820_165310 IMG_20160820_165318 IMG_20160820_165328 IMG_20160820_165335 IMG_20160820_165211

What do you think?



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