What Dad Wants



Happy Monday! Yes, another Monday, another new cartoon. This week I thought I’d get in early on Father’s Day, which is this Sunday here in Australia and as a father, I’m pretty excited about it, so much so I drew a cartoon about it! I did this early because if I  left it till next week then it would be too late, so this week it is!

The original idea I had for this one was the two kids going to a hardware store to ask for something they overheard their dad wanting, like a sex act, which the kids thought was a power tool or something. I think I was going for “anal” at one point, but in the end I  came up with the gaming dad angle which I liked more, especially as I’m a gamer dad myself. That and it’s a bit more modern than the old cliche dad wanting stuff from a hardware store. So in the end this cartoon became a bit more about me I guess, well it did in two ways actually as the guy working in the games shop I drew is pretty much me, well how I used to look about 12 years ago when I worked in a video game retail store anyway. The kids don’t look like my kids though, even though I have two boys, that would be getting a bit two weird I think.

So this cartoon is dedicated to all the gamer dads out there, happy early Father’s Day!


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