Friday Night Art #5 (“D Doodle”)

This week’s piece was supposed to be last weeks Friday Night Art, I was so organised and all! I pretty much had most of it finished before Friday and I planned to finish it on Friday night, but I’d forgotten that I’d also planned a date night with my wife to go out and see Suicide Squad at the movies. So I just left it till this week instead. Once again this piece comes from a style I discovered during my 100 Days of Drawing challenge, a style commonly know as “doodling”, for obvious reasons as it’s just doodling little pictures. I really love doing these doodle pictures, they are a lot of fun and I plan to do lots more and improve through practice. This one is already way better than the first ones I did during the 100 Days that’s for sure. You may notice that this is in the shape of the letter “D” (I’ve always liked my doodle pieces to have a theme or and overall shape to them), that’s due to the fact I plan to do 5 pictures all up, spelling out the word: “DRAW!”. Yes I know draw only has 4 letters but I’m doing the exclamation point as well. I’ll try and do these every week for the next month, I’ve already started on “R”, so hopefully it will be ready by next Friday for me to finish off and post up.

So here it is, I hope you like it:



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