The Difference One Letter Makes



Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I love a good word play joke, as you can probably tell if you look through my older cartoons. I can’t tell you why or what the appeal is, I just do. Even though last weeks rather “clean” cartoon definitely got way more social media attention and views than previous cartoons (I have a theory that people are afraid to like and share my dirty jokes as they don’t want them on their Facebook feed) this week I’m back to my usual lowbrow humour, I just can’t help myself, it’s what I do.

I can clearly remember when I got this idea, I was in a newsagent one day looking at magazines and I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a fishing magazine. And I kid you not, the cover was pretty much exactly what the sign in this cartoon looks like and I had to do a double take as I seriously thought it said: “Fisting Magazine”, never mind why a magazine about fisting has a picture of a dude holding a fish, but it’s what I thought for a second…..yes my mind is a messed up place. Anyway, I wrote a note about it in my trusty notebook I always carry with me, but for ages the idea was always revolving around a magazine cover like the one I saw. The original cartoon idea was a guy returning the magazine to the newsagent as he was upset it wasn’t a magazine about fisting….oh wait, it just occurred to me, do I need to educate you ladies again? You all know what fisting is right? Wait a second, let me…..OH DEAR GOD NO! If you happen to Google “Fisting” whatever you do, DO NOT click on the images tab…or maybe you want to, whatever floats your boat, or makes you walk funny, that’s your choice. Oh wow, check out the Wikipedia page for it: Those photo’s are gold, look how calm that illustrated woman is, wow. And how good is the “silent duck”, I’m pretty sure that’s my new nickname for a work mate of mine now.

Ok, so back to the idea: So I was sitting on the magazine idea for some time, until just recently when I got the idea of having a fishing expo and the guy turning up with a giant tub of lube. I still used the same sort of image, but instead of a magazine cover it’s now a sign for the entrance to the expo.



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