Wrong Bacon



Ah it feels good to do a single panel again, nice, quick and easy. Oh, so sorry for the lack of updates other than a cartoon last week, you see it was my birthday last Thursday and I was doing some celebrating and such during the week so I didn’t have much spare time. Hey, you only turn 39 once right? This cartoon was actually one of a group I was working on leading up to the relaunch of this blog site a couple of months back. I’m glad I left it though, as it improved over time since the initial sketches. The original was pretty much exactly the same, but it was a more normal, youthful looking genie, who had a hearing problem. I think I was going to have mention that fact it in a caption now that I think about it, which I now always try and minimize the amount of text I have as I think it’s much better to convey the joke via visuals rather than text as much as possible. It’s also more of a challenge, using captions is definitely the more easy path, but less fun. ┬áIt actually wasn’t until just the other day that I had the idea that it would be much funnier if it was a really old genie, that and I really liked the phrase “You deaf old bastard”. It also made more sense that he’s hard of hearing because he’s so old and all.

I tell you what it was a challenge to draw a dildo made of bacon….wow, you don’t get to say that very often. I actually was going to bail and post something else that I quickly whipped up last night, but I thought I’d at least start this one for next week to make things easier. But I ended up really enjoying doing this one once I started it and then I couldn’t stop until it was done. Sure I’m tired from staying up late last night doing it, but it was totally worth it.



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