Gotta Smoke ’em All


Happy Monday! Another strip again, for some reason all my good ideas of late just seem to work better in multi-panel form. I will do some more single panel gags again soon though, I do miss how quicker they are to do that’s for sure. So this strip may seem like I’m trying to be topical and all seeing how huge Pokemon is at the moment, but not necessarily. I am a huge Pokemon fan and I’ve had this idea down for some time now, I just thought now would be a good time, due to all the attention on Pokemon, so I wasn’t going out of my way to try and be topical let’s put it that way. I’m just an opportunist 😉

As I said, I’m a huge Pokemon fan and this sudden rise in popularity is awesome, but all the bitching and complaining on social media is getting rather annoying. Especially all the “only little kids and hardcore nerds play Pokemon, grown up” comments, it gives me the shits. Let people have fun, leave them alone. I’m about to turn 39 this Thursday, I’ve bought every ‘main’ Pokemon game (the core handheld games, not the all the spin-offs) and buried about 50 hours of more in each one ever since I bought my Gameboy SP console with Pokemon Sapphire way back in the early 2000’s. They are probably my all time favourite game series ever, definitely the one I’ve put the most hours into at least. Am I too old for Pokemon? Fuck no, I can play and enjoy whatever the hell I want to, and seriously more adults play Pokemon than kids these days anyway. More kids play Call of Duty than adults, people that say Pokemon is a kids game have no idea what they’re talking about. Well, there’s my rant over and done with, that feels better to get off my chest.

Hope you like it! Go play a Pokemon game, you’ll thank me later! See you next time!


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