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It’s Monday morning, you know what that means, new cartoon time! This one is a similar concept to last weeks cartoon, as in words that have been forever changed due to porn….well for guys anyway. Ok, so I did hear from a few ladies last week that I did educate a few of you about the word “facials”. Do I need to do the same with “big load”? Ok, let me check….wait, unlike last week I typed it into Google and got what I was looking for, go figure! But I think I’ll let good old Urban Dictionary explain again though, as I don’t want you ladies to Google “big load” you may be in for a shock.


A portion of man juice.

“He blew his load right into my face.”

Honestly I just picked that one as I liked the term “man juice”, there was way worse one’s there that’s for sure. Has that cleared things up again? I think I might compile a list of these “words changed by porn” soon, hopefully for this Wednesday’s update.

So how did I get this idea? I bet you could guess right? Yep, I have two sons and I’ve read a hell of a lot of books about construction vehicles and surprisingly the term “biggest load” comes up (no pun intended, but I’ll take it….wait, definitely didn’t intend that pun) quite often. Early on I actually struggled not to giggle a bit whenever I read it, now though, don’t even crack a smile, I’m a seasoned pro. So ladies if you ever wonder why your man is giggling whilst reading construction vehicle books to his kids, now you know. I had this idea ages ago (probably when my eldest son was really young and he was going through his “construction vehicles phase” as they do), well I had the basic idea anyway, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally thought of using Siri to deliver the punchline. Man I love a good mum joke, at one point I was considering having Siri say “your mother-in-law” and the dad then being happy with his phone and saying “nice one Siri, high-five”, but in the end I went with her insulting his mother instead. Once again I tossed up wither to do this as one panel or not, but there was too much text which would have cluttered the panel, that and I really liked having the shocked expression on the dad in panel 2.

Anyway, hope you like it!




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