Friday Night Art #2

Sorry I missed last Friday night I was too busy, I made sure I definitely posted this Friday night though, even though I’m super tired. It’s my own fault though as I’ve got 2 half finished pieces ready to go for future Friday nights, but the other day I had an idea for this piece that I just couldn’t let go until I finished it. The actually thing I visualized in my head looks nothing like the end product though, but I always get that anyway. It was just the concept I liked anyway, which was using some of the techniques/styles that I discovered during my 100 Days of Drawing Challenge. Mainly detailed, big hair with lots of lines and doodle/tangle patterns. So the thought was about having a cartoon character with huge, wavy hair wearing a very patterned sweater, so that’s what I started drawing and once I started it had a mind of it’s own and turned into this:


What do you think? I was cursing myself about an hour ago as I slept quite badly last night and I could have just draw something quicker and easier, but I couldn’t do that, I just had to finish this one. But man, that hair….I need sleep now, good night.



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