Mid-Week Randomness #2: Dash Art

My 6 year old son Dash, drew this awesome picture the other day, so awesome that I just had to share it:


So it’s an army tank that’s shooting out an evil crying baby (you can see it crying “wahh”). Also note the army man driving the tank is apparently saying “yuck” as there is baby blood on the top of his tank (that’s the scribble just above the word “yuck”). Now I was convinced that my younger son had inherited some of my creativity and Dash missed out….well art wise maybe he has, but damn, he seems to have my twisted taste in what to draw and what’s funny that’s for sure! Maybe they could make and awesome team when they’re older, one writes the stories the other draws, I’m so encouraging this. Maybe I should redraw this for him, what do you think? Good idea?

See ya next time,


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