U.A.I. #1: The Toaster



Happy Monday! Trying something new this week. As I mentioned last week, with this new improved blog, I want to really try out some new things and do some new stuff. So I thought I’d try do a brand new semi-regular comic strip series and this is the first one.

This cartoon first started out as a simple idea in my notebook that I always carry with me, which was something along the lines of “toaster pre-maturely ‘ejaculating’ bread”. I sat on this idea for awhile and it changed a bit over time, first it was just one panel, but that didn’t work. Then it was a more simpler 3 panel strip, but not that long ago I had this great idea come to me about doing a series of strips where everyday, normal objects all of a sudden are given intelligence.  Kind of like giving normal stuff a robot brain, for no real reason what so ever. Then I paired up the two ideas and ended up with this strip series which I’m calling “Unnecessary Artificial Intelligence” and since then, I’ve had heaps of new ideas for other strips, so I plan to do lots more of these.

A couple of things inspired this cartoon as well, the first is a episode from one of my favourite TV shows of all time, Red Dwarf. It was an episode with “Talky the Toaster” in it, who was a toaster who could talk, but all he ever talked about was toast and trying to convince everyone to eat toast. The other influence was more on the style of this strip and that was from early Kevin Smith movies, of which I’m a big fan. Stuff like Clerks where it’s just one camera shot for an entire conversation. I liked that so I thought I’d try it out comic strip form. Normally I would have done different ‘camera angles’ for each different panel, I really liked the ‘single shot’ style in the end so I think I’ll keep doing it for the rest of these Unnecessary Artificial Intelligence strips. Mind you it was a pain in the butt to redraw pretty much the same thing six times. And yes I know I could have just used Photoshop to copy and paste a lot of it, but I just wanted to do it by hand for practice and just because I wanted to see if I could do it I guess. I’m quite happy how it turned out in the end though.


Anyway, I hope you like it!


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