Mid-Week Randomness #1: Poop

With this new Blog site, I wanted to do some more regular posting, I’ll stick to my usual Monday posting of a cartoon and I wanting to try as I’m calling it “Mid-Week Randomness” and I also plan to put up some general artwork on Friday’s. 

So what will “Mid-Week Randomness” be? Just like the title suggests, just me posting random stuff, like a funny picture, a list (I love making lists!) and some more detailed background info on how I create my cartoons and stuff. I don’t know, this just see where this goes, most likely this will be purely me just talking shit, for example:

Brinks’ Top 10 Favourite Words/Phrases for Defecating:

1) Dropping a deuce

I just love the word “deuce” honestly, it just rolls off the tongue….not a phrase often associated with pooping, well hopefully anyway….

2) Taking a shit

It’s a classic for a reason, probably the most common one on this list I’d bet

3) Punching out a turd

Sometimes it’s a struggle and ‘punch out’ just seems like an accurate description, probably one of my most used term over the years and would still be in high rotation if not for the fact I now have two young children who repeat everything they hear.

4) Dropping the kids off at the pool

 I remember this one from a South Park episode, classic. This one definitely can’t be used much when you have kids, not without a lot of unwanted confusion 

5) Giving birth to a brown baby boy 

I once drew a cartoon inspired by this saying (http://brinkscartoons.com/?p=253)

6) Taking a crap

Another oldie but a goodie 

7) Lay some cable

This one’s for all my electrician friends, of which of have quite a lot for some reason, why is that?

8) Pinching a loaf

Once again, sometimes ‘pinching’ seems appropriate

9) Taking a dump

Sometimes you just need to take a dump, moderately child friendly, therefor I may bring this one back into my vocabulary 

10) Drop a log

I’m assuming the history of this one is related to the colour brown, interesting fact I just pulled out of my ass (pun intended)

I did some Google searching for inspiration for this list and I found some really good one’s I’d never heard of which were awesome, such as:

  • Dropping the Browns off at the Super Bowl
  • Giving birth to the Spineless Brownfish
  • Inaugurate Barack Obama to the White House
  • Lay down some brown
  • Logging into the toilet and making a huge download
  • Releasing Meatloaf’s Daughter
  • Becoming the porcelain assassin
  • My Band’s About to Have an Ep Release
  • Download A Brownload
  • Conducting aerial strikes on Porcelainistan

God damn, that was some fun ‘research’, what an awesome way to waste away a ½ and hour or so, by searching for the best euphemisms for taking a shit are. If only I could get paid to do this shit (pun intended yet again, I’m on a roll).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my first Mid-Week Randomness, is there one you’d like to add to the list?


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