The Joy of Colour Blindness

Oh man, what a crazy busy couple of weeks it’s been! I just moved house, hence why I put the 100 Days of Drawing Challenge on hold and also why I didn’t post any cartoon last week, I’ve had pretty much zero spare time. Even now that it’s all done, there’s still craploads of unpacking and setting up to do. So the next couple of weeks we be a big juggling act that’s for sure. Oh and also what made this move one of the worst was I injured my left upper arm a couple of weeks back, so all that lifting and moving has just made it worse. I’m really looking forward to doing some drawing though and to fully setup my new workspace, I’ll post some pictures when it’s done.

So if you didn’t already guess, this is an old cartoon, it’s actually one I’ve been thinking of re-doing at various points. I may still do, I’ve always liked making dog/colour blind jokes 😉

So I should be kicking off the 100 Days Challenge again tonight and I hope I get time to draw a new cartoon on Wednesday for next week, fingers crossed.


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