What Did You Expect?

This is the cartoon I had half-done and ready to go last week, but I didn’t get enough time to finish it. I developed it in a rather backward way than normal; I started with the picture and than developed the idea around it. For some reason I pictured a woman in bed with a clown after they’ve just slept with each other, I found it kind of funny so I kept thinking about it until I eventually thought up an idea to go with that image. It’s not normally how I do things, as usually I have the idea in my head first and then I take some time to figure out exactly how it will look by the end. So it was kind of nice to try out a new method and I liked it, I may explore this method some more in the future, it would be even nice for other people to give me a weird image to drawn and then try and make it into a joke.

Surely I’m not the only one that finds clowns extremely unfunny and kind of creepy, right? I don’t get the appeal and I’m pretty sure kids don’t either as most of the time they scare the shit out of them. If not, they should watch Stephen King’s IT and that will fix them up or read about John Wayne Gacy. Funny story; I remember awhile back I was reading about a company that made calendars were making one with picture of clowns and the numbnuts who’s job it was to find stock photo’s for it grabbed on of John Wayne Gacy and used  it, not creepy way to make something already kind of creepy 10X worse. Oh and if you’re not familiar with GWG, google his name, he was a horrible child serial killer who often dressed up as a clown to ‘help out’ at community events…*shiver*. 

Clowns are creepy as hell, but wait you say, then why do I have a clown as my logo? I actually find clowns fascinating as well for the same reason, they’re meant to be funny but end up being kind of scary at the same time, it’s a juxtaposition that I’ve always found fascinating. Hence why my clown is usually always kind of angry as he was a character I created that was born looking like a clown but is always angry and is horrible with kids.

Anyway, hope you like it!


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