July 2014



After weeks of comic strips and birthday cards I’m finally back to my roots with a single panel gag this week, especially as it’s also a remake of a really old cartoon. I mentioned a…

It’s My Birthday!

Yep, today it my birthday, so instead of a regular cartoon, I pretty much just drew myself a birthday card! Featuring my psychotic clown character, Engelbert wearing the very New York Knicks jersey that I…

Broken Leg

Dangerously Large

One of the things I often worry about when I do cartoons is sometimes some people won’t get a joke as they don’t know who or what I’m making fun of in the first place….



Well look at that, a cartoon about Starbucks and I didn’t make fun of them! Well, kind of, I did kind of make fun of their cup sizes and the stupid, pretentious names they give…