Thank the Thesaurus

Over the years I’ve used many different things and methods to come up with ideas, I have a bookshelf full of all sorts of weird and wonderful books that I use for reference and inspiration. One such old, beaten up book was the inspiration for this idea, but not in the way I normally use it. Back when I first started cartooning I was living with my good mate Mick who owned the most unique Thesaurus I’ve ever seen, I think I may have mentioned it before actually. Yep, I just looked it up, I talked about it in one of the first back of cartoons I ever did for this blog back in 2011. Here is a direct quote because I’m lazy and I don’t want to repeat myself:

Another good reference book is a good old Thesaurus, if you have a subject in mind look it up in that. I have this really awesome old Thesaurus that a good mate of mine gave to me years ago that has some awesome words in it, for example: Under Groin/Erection is; Beef Bayonet (bugle), Fat, Hard On, Horn, Phallus, Pork Sword, Rod, Sword, Rod, Shaft, Stiff, Stiffy, The Bishop. How awesome is that? Pork Sword, pure gold! Thanks again to Micky D for the book, best Thesaurus on the planet, bar none, and in my top 10 best gifts. I have a very strange collection of reference material on my bookshelf in my office, I’m quite proud of my collection.
Once I clean up a bit around my bookshelf I may post a photo like I promised I would 3 years ago….So this awesome book inspired this idea, just not in the usual way it does, by giving me unusual words I wouldn’t think of.

Hope you like it!


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