Dear JJ

Ok, can someone please pass this on to JJ Abrams? I know a lot of people are worried what is going to happen with Star Wars episode 7, I’m not. I have faith in Disney, I remember how much everyone went crazy when Disney bought Marvel comics and look how well that’s turned out. Either way, I think the best way to distance yourself from all the bad things from the first 6 Star Wars movies is to brutally murder possibly the least popular Star Wars character of all time…Jar Jar Binks! Come on JJ, it’s what everyone wants.

Oh so why is there an alien sitting on the couch listening to the guy talking on the last panel? Yes, it may seem rather random, but the 2 characters in the last panel are from a comic strip I’ve been ‘developing’ for many years now. This idea just seemed to fit into the concept of the strip, which was essentially pop culture jokes, so I thought “screw it” and I just threw them in there. Maybe it will inspire me to actually do some more work on the strip and do some more. There still is heaps more to do though, like I’m still not 100% on the alien’s final “look”, mainly his colour scheme and he still doesn’t even have a name yet! I always wanted to do a regular comic strip.

I was watching something the other day about cartoonists and it got me thinking, that after all these years I might revisit how I make and draw my cartoons. What I really want to do is to experiment with very old school methods of inking, by using  brushes and nibs, as I’ve always used ink pens. So over the last week I’ve been trying lots of new paper and pens as proper brushes and nibs are fairly expensive I’m using the pen versions to practice with first before I invest in the good stuff. But it’s been very exciting to experiment and try all these new things, I’m looking forward to doing more! I’ve had so much fun that it inspired me to completely revise all my techniques from what pencils and paper I use and how I do it. I plan on doing an entire blog post to proper detail all my experimenting which will be fun.

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