Real World Satisfaction

Here’s an idea I’ve been meaning to do for months now, but I knew it would be finicky and take some time to do….and yes it was, kind of. It wasn’t my usual quick one panel cartoon that’s for sure, there was quite a few things going on in this one. There’s 3 complete drawings and then I spent a fair amount of time in Illustrator laying it all out and playing around with text, colours and the background image. So exactly did I get this idea? Well a few months back….actually it might have even been last year, anyway not important, a friend of mine Kane posted something on his Facebook page about people who only post and comment on Facebook to get some weird emotional satisfaction. Which I guess is true, as weird as it sounds, there is some strange satisfaction you get from it, hence why you always keep checking after you post something to see what responses you got. Hey I get pissed when someone re-posts something I posted that I re-posted from someone else and the person who re-posted from me gets more likes and responses than I did… that’s messed up, and a very awkward sentence to type. But I still don’t understand Trolls, how you get enjoyment and satisfaction from starting arguments and getting people pissed off is beyond me.

Oh, so anyway as I was reading Kane’s status, which ironically got quite a lot of comments and likes, I thought “I wonder if you could make a machine that could give you more than just emotional satisfaction from Facebook? Like a sex machine” So straight away I had the basic idea down, I think it took me awhile to decided on how to actually do it after that. I was going to do it as my normal single panel, but it would have been too busy with text, that and I’ve been meaning to do some more “Brinkco” fake ads since the first “WifeStation” ( one I did awhile back as I’m a fan of “New Invention” type jokes and I like the idea of my own retail outlet that just sells all this sort of strange crap. I was always going to have something about vaccination in this one, as every single time I’ve made any comment about child vaccination on Facebook it has always started massive arguments and lots of comments and likes and it never fails to get people all fired up and argumentative for some reason. I actually do prefer Star Wars to Star Trek by the way.

I haven’t done these invention type jokes in awhile, I used to do them a bit back in the old days. I had a series of them that I submitted to the magazine I used to work for that were “Inventions for the Serious Drinker”. As you can guess, they were all inventions to help the serious drinker, things to help you act sober when you’re completely rotten drunk, pretty much. So what do you think of the whole “Brinkco” fake ads thing? I want to explore it some more and see what I can come up with, I think I really need to sit down and play around with the logo and the basic layout so it can just be an easy cut and paste for the content so future ads will be quicker and easier to do and therefore I won’t procrastinate doing them so much next time. 

Anyway, hope you like it, until next time!


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