All Natural

You know what? I’ve always been fascinated by the statement on bottled water that it comes from “selected springs”. So as you can guess this idea evolved from me reading the label of a bottle of water and wondering just what the hell these “selected springs” actually are. I often imagine a big fat lazy dude who works for a water company just sits on a chair surrounded by water springs and every day he just “selects” a new one. “Yep, that one looks good today boys”. But you know what’s funnier? Anthropomorphic (god damn I love that word, easily in my top 5 best words, that and flaccid….but that’s a whole other story) springs, drinking tap water and pissing into a giant vat of water to be bottled.

I’m also fascinated by the commonly used phrase “all natural”, which I do have another cartoon idea dealing with that one. It’s such a crock of shit really, how hard is it to be “all natural”? There’s plenty of bad stuff that’s “all natural”, natural disasters, shit, sugar etc….Alright that’s my brief rant for another week sorted, I’m out of here.


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