Armed and Dangerous

Here is the cartoon that I almost finished last week, which I’m glad I didn’t try and finish it last week when I was really tired and sleep deprived as I haven’t done many strips of late and I was playing around with some stuff on this one as well. So it was good to spend some time with it and play around a bit.

This idea started a couple of weeks back when a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about how he used a PC the other day and, being a Mac person, hated it and couldn’t understand why people use PC’s Now as you may know I’m a big PC man myself and not a fan of Mac’s what so ever, and I did make a comment or two, but in the end you like what you like and sometimes you just let people be. Some people are never going to be ‘converted’ over to another platform as they don’t what to and quite frankly they don’t have to if they don’t want to. It’s a funny argument the whole ‘which is better’, that always seems to pop up like Xbox or PlayStation, Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Holden….why do people care so much what other people prefer anyway? Use a Mac if you want, I don’t give a shit, there’s just no way in hell I’ll ever buy one, I’ve used them plenty and I just don’t like them. So I’ve gone off topic a tad here, so after reading this post I had Apple on my mind for the rest of the day so naturally I came up with a few Apple themed cartoon ideas….like this one! I’ve got some more Apple themed stips I plan to do another week now as well.

Also,  last week I just had the urge to draw a comic strip, I don’t know why I just did, so this idea suited perfectly as it wasn’t to complicated and I had some fun playing around with the backgrounds and borders. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been experimenting with some hand-drawn like vector borders, I’ve been trying different ones on my speech box outlines, but this week I did it on the panel borders instead. I did do it on the speech boxes at one point but it didn’t look right so I kept them as normal boxes. I hope you like it!


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