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Last week I was talking about how I plan to redo some old crappy cartoons, either just the art, the idea or both. Last weeks cartoon was an example of a cartoon completely revamped from the idea to the art. This week is pretty much just the art that’s been redone, oh and the speech text as well, just to make the joke a tad ‘less obvious’. 

I also mentioned last week that I worked for a motorbike magazine for quite awhile many years ago, which is ironic as I know jack shit about motorbikes and back then I didn’t even have a car licence let alone a bike one. So the cartoons they always bought the most where the one’s with painfully obvious jokes that pretty much got spoon fed to you, I’m not drawing any conclusions here as I’m very scared of bikies (in case you don’t know what that is, here in Australia we have a lot of “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs” as the media puts it, and they are often referred to as “bikies”). And usually all the people in the cartoon also tended to look like bikies a bit, which is why I wanted to redraw some as well. So here is the original cartoon, which judging by the style I’m putting it at about circa 2000/2001 maybe?
You know what, it’s not that bad I guess, but it annoys me now, hence why I wanted to redo it. That and I still really like the joke. So what do you think, much of an improvement? God knows why I always such dull colours back then, anyway I hope you like it! Next week shall be an all new cartoon, although I still do have quite a few old one’s I want to redo, but I spread them out over the year I think and probably save them for when I’m desperate for ideas!

See ya!


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