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As you may know, I got married about 3 weeks ago, what you may not know is that we did what I now call a “stealth wedding”. As in, not a lot of people knew about it….well obviously the people who came knew, but other than that, not a lot of people. This started out as it took us some time to let everyone know, that and I wanted to tell as many people in person as we could, which slowed things down a tad. So we had to keep it quiet until everyone involved knew and once everyone did we still kept it quiet as it was kind of nice and as it was a small wedding we were a tad worried about people getting pissy about not getting invited. 
My point with all this? Well we did let everyone else know eventually, after the wedding in a rather dicky way….via changing our Facebook relationship status to ‘married’ when we got back to our hotel after everything. We know it was dicky, but we didn’t care, it’s what we wanted to do. So as you can guess, that’s pretty much where this cartoon idea came from. Hope you like it!



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