Rinse and Repeat

Hello again! Back to new cartoons again, now that all that wedding business is all done and dusted.

They often say that some of the best ideas you get come to you while sitting on the toilet, me not so much. I have two young children, so when I shit, it’s fast otherwise I get an audience, so I don’t get much time to ‘ponder’, ‘reflect’ or to have deep meaningful thoughts. But I do sometimes get some good ideas in the shower though, like this cartoon. Which as you may have guessed by now, I got whilst reading the label of a shampoo bottle in the shower….god knows why I was reading the label to a shampoo bottle as after all these years you’d think I’d have the whole “rinse, lather, rinse” thing by now wouldn’t you? So I just happen to be reading this label and it had the warning about if the product gets in your eyes to rinse with water and immediately I thought about how they used the word ‘product’ and that what would happen if the entire ‘product’ got in your eye? And that was that, I’ll leave it up to your own imagination just exactly how the bottle got shoved into his eye socket, because I have no idea…..

Alrighty, until we meet again…


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