BM and BB

Wow, what a hectic couple of weeks…oh that’s right I haven’t actually told you what my big surprise was last week haven’t I? Well, here’s picture clue:
Yep, that’s me and yes, I got married last Tuesday, hence why I’ve had no spare time what so ever to do any work and if I have I’ve been so tired that I’ve been sleeping! So sorry again for posting and old cartoon again, but I have a good excuse! But never fear as of this week my new working day is now Wednesday as my 2 boys daycare days have changed, so the good news is that I have plenty of time to ‘tweek’ all my ‘toons or work on them now….I hope! And now that all this wedding stuff is done and dusted I can also work on my 2014 plans for my blog site! Like new and more regular content, yay!

Until next time!


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