Happy New Year!

So I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks as far as sleep is concerned, due mainly to my eldest son getting his tonsils out. Which is also why I haven’t had any of my usual Friday’s to draw cartoons. Now I did have a cartoon idea ready to go thus week, but I kept running out of time to do it and it came to Sunday and I said to my better half, Pen that I was tired and didn’t think I could manage to stay up and do a cartoon that night. So she suggested that I just do a quick drawing to say “Happy New Year”, which was a damn good idea…..so here it is! It’s by far not the most technically perfect drawing by far, just a quick sketch, enjoy!

I know I’m a day or two, but screw it, Happy New Year! I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported me and this Blog over the past year, it’s been great to see my pageviews steadily increase over time and I have a lot of big plans for things to do next year, so I’m really excited to see where I can take this site in the future and what it will become. So thanks to all those who read my little Blog and to all who have helped me promote it by liking and posting stuff on Facebook, cheers! See you in 2014!


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