The Naughty List

It’s almost here! Yep it’s almost Christmas time, so I thought I’d stick with that theme again this week, just from a more general perspective as opposed to a negative one like last week. Just to show both sides. I always knew that I was going to do another Christmas themed cartoon this week, but the idea was a hard one. 

It started out as Santa in a strip club being really seedy and telling a stripper that he has a “sack full of special presents for naughty girls like her”. Now the problem I had with that, was that it ended up looking like a seedy old dude dressed up as Santa, which is kind of more creepy than anything. I played around with the “sack full of presents” idea for a bit and thought that maybe it’s Santa who’s the problem and that maybe I could use Elves instead as they won’t look like anything other than an Elf. So the first idea then was two elves going to all the houses of the women on the naughty list and asking them if they wanted some of Santa’s special presents from his full ‘sack’. But then I thought about the elves and the naughty list and what if just one randy elf grabbed the naughty list and visited all the women on it trying to find a date?

Admittedly, this idea is a lot more ‘cleaner’ than the first idea, which was not on purpose, trust me. I think I just enjoyed this idea more than the overall joke of the first idea, but I still do like that first idea of Santa trying to ‘unload’ his ‘full sack’ and I may variate it somewhat and use it next Christmas!

Anyway, better go, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and you get to drink and be merry! Have a good one!


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