Welcome to Hell

It’s getting to the business end of the year now and that big day of food and presents is all most upon us. But not just that, Christmas time is of course a time for shopping! Insanely overcrowded and painful shopping. I’ve been working in video-game retail for…wow about 10 years now, man that’s depressing….Anyway, since working in retail I’ve developed a deep dark dread for this time of year, but since having children that’s all changing. Not just because I get to play with toys and video-games on Christmas morning again, but because ever since my first son was born I’ve become a stay-at-home dad and I now only work in retail for 12 hours a week, so my exposure to the ‘silly season’ is at least at manageable levels. Well enough to still annoy me, but not make me go completely mental. And honestly I’m trying to get back into the ‘festive spirit’ this year more and rediscover my love of Christmas, as the years go by I’m sure I’ll be a “Christmas person” once again. 

So then why did I just do a cartoon about how bad Christmas in retail is? Well, I was inspired by one of my former co-workers Paul, who has a very deep-seeded hatred for all things Christmas and posts lots of anti-Christmas stuff on his Facebook that is really funny. So I thought I’d ‘regress’ a bit and think back to how much I hated Christmas and I came up with this idea. Now the guy in this doesn’t really look a lot like Paul, but I was thinking about him when I drew it so it does a little, but I also thought I’d give him a nod for the inspiration by putting his name on the guys name tag as well, so I hope you like it Pauly!

But seriously though, shopping and working in retail on Christmas Eve is really freakin’ bad and if I had to do that for an eternity, that probably would be hell that’s for sure….especially if all that was played was Christmas carols over and over, man they grate on me after awhile. I’m sure this would be Paul’s hell that’s for sure!

Tried something slightly different this week, the speech bubble was meant to be over top of the bottom of the cartoon, but as it’s such a large amount of text it covered up too much! I was going to just have it as a caption on the bottom, but I didn’t like that so I just did a speech bubble at the bottom off the panel instead! Hell, why not? That’s always the problem with doing the text on the computer after I’ve drawn it, sometimes you end up losing some artwork which bugs me, especially after I’ve spent so much time doing it. This one in particular I really wanted to show the background was hell and behind the characters was the inside of a shopping mall and anywhere I tried to place the bubble just blocked to much of that.

Until next time! 


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