A Gentle Trip

Greetings again my dear friends! Not much back story on the cartoon idea this week, as it was one of those “I see a word, think of a rough idea and I write it down” ideas. Wether or not the word I saw was “Strip” of “Trip” I don’t remember, but I saw the word and though about how easy it could be to mix them up if only one letter was missing and that was pretty much it. More thought went into the exact wording of the caption honestly….

I am a big fan of jokes that use word play and more specifically when words are confused with a simple letter missing. If you need proof I’ve actually done several gags with this similar formula. Now, I’m not just being lazy here and reusing a formula or anything, I just find these jokes particularly funny for some reason and if I think of another one I probably still do it in the future. Pretty sure it’s several….although only one comes to mind, which was the “Heroes/Herpes” one here: http://brinkscartoons.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/super-defacement.html. I’m sure there’s more though….

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got this week, enjoy! See you next time!


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