Greasing the Wheels

Another week, another cartoon. You know what? I had no idea what cartoon I was going to do this week, usually I draw these cartoons on a Friday while my boys are at daycare, but I had stuff to do so I couldn’t last Friday. I had planned on starting it on Friday night, but I was too tired so I left it until Saturday night to do. During my lunch break at work (my part-time retail job) on Saturday after eating I spent about 15 minutes or so looking through my notebook I always carry with me that I use for really rough and vague notes on the go. I came across a note that was: “everything is better with bacon” and I thought “I wonder if you could scientifically prove that fact?”, which of course led me to the idea of wasted science research funding. 

One thing that has always annoyed me is when you see the news report about these really stupid scientific research studies, like “Scientist discover that men prefer sex in the morning” or something and it always makes me wonder how the hell did they get the funding to do that shit? Another reason I know a bit about all this, is that my better half Penelope is in fact a research scientist. I see all the crap she and her colleagues have to go though to get their research money and that’s for actual medical research, not research to determine that exposure to country music is linked to higher suicide rates…I did not make this up, even thought a goddamn hate country music, I found it here: but to be perfectly honest I just spent a couple of minutes on Google looking for silly science research, so in all fairness this could be complete bullshit for all I know, but you get my point. So this cartoon is dedicated to all those hard working research scientists out there….oh except for all the chumps doing dumb ass research on pointless shit like “Lap dancers get higher tips when they are ovulating”, yep another one I found here: I mean really, who gives a shit? As far as I can tell this only really effects strippers, who get paid craploads anyway, so who cares? Man it makes me angry, you know why they get all money? (researchers, not strippers, we all know why and how strippers get paid) So the news media can have a feel good puff piece for the general public to laugh at and consume….idiots.

Oh, so back to the idea! When it came to Saturday night, I sat down to get ready to draw a cartoon. Now even though I loved this bacon science idea, I wanted to do something I could smash out quickly with not too much detail, as I didn’t have much time. So I spent a couple of minutes staring at my new list of cartoon ideas on my office cork-board, and found that pretty much most of those ideas were going to take some time and require some visual research and/or detail anyway. So I didn’t know what to do! Then I thought about it and kept coming back to the research bacon idea and I just went “screw it, I’m gonna do it because I damn well like the idea so much”. Once I sat down and stared drawing it, I found it wasn’t that complicated and didn’t take all that long anyway. The only really fiddly bit was the background that’s inside the ‘test chamber’, but other than that, all good. To be honest I often do that though, I get put off by certain ideas because I worried I won’t be able to draw them properly and I procrastinate. Two perfect examples of this are the Predator cartoon and the Transformers one, both of these I was really worried I couldn’t pull off a decent predator or transformer. But once I started it ended up not being as hard as I anticipated and both those cartoons turned out really good and have been some of my most popular ones on this site, so there ya go….never give up!!

Ok, it’s getting late, I better go, see ya next time!


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