Wiggle Out of This One

Why do I like Paedophile jokes, even though I have kids? I’ll tell you why, because they’re funny, a joke is a joke, plus it tends to be a subject that people are always a bit touchy about. Which honestly just encourages me even more! But this idea literally came from one of my favourite sayings which is that “I’m sweating like a paedophile at a Wiggles concert”. Admittedly I don’t get to use this stella one-liner as much as I used to now I have small children around me all the time, but I still love it. I think I also got some inspiration from a classic Seinfeld episode, the one where George was eating spicy food and everyone at his work thought he was nervous because he was sweating so much. I love that show….

Oh and yes I do have two small kids and hell no do I like the damn Wiggles, I’ve been trying for years to avoid them just in case my boys get even a passing like of them and their damn annoyingly catchy songs. It’s bad enough that my eldest son Dash even knows who they are, which worries me…..damn skivvy wearing millionaires

So the real question is, does this guy in fact have kids back inside or not? I’ll let you decide 😉

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