High Definition

The other day I started typing up a series of Blog posts I plan to publish soon that will go into greater detail on exactly how I come up with the ideas for my cartoons and what tools and methods I use. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now as it’s something I’ve experimented with and refined a lot over the years so I thought it would be nice to share. And hey, if it helps save anyone else some time and inspire or help them, that would be really cool.

I mention this, because this idea came from the very first step that I will cover, which is to always carry a notebook with you everywhere you go and write down anything you see, hear or think that’s even remotely funny…even if it’s something someone else says. Now I can’t even remember the exact conversation, but my mate Ben and I were talking the other week and somehow “High Definition” came up and Ben said something about a guy, really high reading out a dictionary. I actually asked him if that was a joke he heard and he said he just came up with it then and there, so I got my old trusty notebook out and of course asked permission to use it….which came out as “I’m so stealing that”. But, as I always try and do (sometimes I forget) when someone else contributes to a cartoon idea, I try and sneak their name into the cartoon somehow. If you look carefully, the brand of the old crap TV is ‘Maskey’, which is Ben’s last name….and he’s old and shit also, so I thought it fit well. Cheers Ben!

Ok, until next time my peeps!


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