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This week’s cartoon is another example of one of those ideas I’m not %100 sure anyone will find funny but I did it anyway so screw it. But you know what? That was one of the liberating things about doing this blog when I first started, the fact I can create what cartoon I want and whatever I find funny. It’s always a bonus when everyone else loves them of course, I won’t deny that, I love it. But I’ve often had this worry before and some of those ones I’ve thought no one would like have ended up being some of my more popular cartoons. Plus at least now I’ve got another reason to justify all those hours I burned playing Black Ops 2. This is also me venting frustration that as a ‘mature’ gamer I often get my ass handed to me by punk kids. Gamers all love to make fun of the fact that most of the people who are really freakin’ good and play Call of Duty games a lot, for some reason do tend to be quite young. Knowing that, was also another reason I came up with this idea.

Oh and sorry if I stole your screenshot of Black Ops 2 whoever you are, I pretty much just used Google image search and found a screenshot I liked and plonked it in there. Mind you, good luck actually still being able to identifying it though.

On a plus, my pageviews are steadily on the increase and getting nice and healthy! So big cheers to everyone who reads this blog, you’re all awesome! Keep it up and please help me spread the word so I can get even more!

Alrighty, gotta go, see you soon!


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