It’s a Fun Ride

This weeks cartoon got some inspiration from a few different places, first off a couple of weeks back I did a cartoon about when my son vomited on me one night. Now when I did that cartoon I was rather hesitant as I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it funny and second, I didn’t want to be that guy who just makes jokes about his kids now that he was some. You know, like those stand-up comedians who you really love and then they have kids and all of a sudden their entire act is about kids now. Anyway, so that cartoon got a lot of positive feedback, which made me reconsider my stance on the issue. So I thought I’d try another ‘parenting’ themed cartoon this week.

The other inspiration I got was, today (Sunday, I always type up this blog the night before) I got to take my 2 boys on their first big trip to a theme park! So I had roller coasters on the brain whilst trying to think of a parenting joke during the week I think, hence where this idea came from.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m pretty tired after such a massive day, so I’m going to bed. see you later!


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