Killin’ the Mood

Ah, now this is an idea I’ve been throwing around for some time and it all started with the simple idea of just “serial mood killer”. For quite awhile there I was going to do it as a comic strip, but I looked at it again the other week and figured out how to pull it off with just one panel. In the old days I used to use captions quite a bit on my cartoons, which I’ve explained before is because the magazine I used worked for wanted really easy to get jokes, so they made the jokes easier to get. Now, since I’ve started doing this Blog, I’ve been trying to change my jokes and make the kind of jokes I like and not care who else gets them. One thing I really like is having to think for a little bit to figure out the joke, so because of that I try and avoid captions now, and try and find more creative ways to convey a joke. This one obviously is the exception, as there was no real alternative, plus I don’t mind the caption, not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just like to challenge myself not to use them is all. Plus I think to cut it back to one panel it needed the caption anyway, so it was either do a strip or a single panel with the caption, so I went with the single panel (my prefered option most of the times anyway).

Funny story about “Vaginal Discharge”…bet you’ve never heard or will you ever hear that sentence again. It came from years and years ago, but when I worked for an well known video game retailer. Me and the guys who worked there used to have this running joke about forming a band, even though at the time none of us had any real musical skills whatsoever, and  no instruments. I was the bass player….just because I like bass, why not?. Anyway so we tried to think of the most offensive name to call the band so, it could never take off even if we tried (plus it was a joke anyway) and guess what we came up with? Yep Vaginal Discharge was our band name, classy hey? So that was the inspiration for the mood killing phrase used in this cartoon, and honestly I’ve been waiting years to use it in a cartoon ;-).

Hope you like it! Until next time!


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