Thumb Resting

So of late I seem to finally getting into a kind of groove when it comes to cartoon ideas that relate to what I’ve been doing that week, which is nice. Can you see where this is going? Normally I’m a FPS (First Person Shooter, for all you non-geeks) player on my PC but my good mate Ben has been hassling me to play the new Call of Duty on my Xbox with him. In the end he just bought me the game for my birthday and now I’m crazy hooked on it….damn it. Which leads me to my story, so Ben and I with some mates were planning on a big session one night last week. That day I was out shopping and I was using my phone for something and, which being a touch screen phone, I was using my thumb which was getting sore and I seriously thought for a second “Maybe I should stop using my phone to rest my thumb for tonight”. And that was it pretty much, I then thought up this idea, done.

Anyway, that’s all for me this week, I’m really tired as I was up most of last night (I’m actually typing this up Sunday night) with a sick child, so I’m going to be.

See ya!


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