Man’s Best Friend

Lately I’ve found I do my best brainstorming when I’m out and about, mainly due to less distractions and all. When I’m in my office I do tend to procrastinate on the Internet and stuff around a lot. When I’m on a bus/train or sitting in a cafe I have nothing better to do and I’m there for more focused. I’ve been taking bus rides into the city by myself with headphones on, on Fridays of late and it’s been awesome. I’ve been working on some really good ideas. 

So anyway, this idea came from one day I bought the newspaper and I was having lunch at a cafe and one of the headlines literally was “Thief attacked by man’s best friend”. The first thing that popped into my head was a giant anthropomorphic dick beating up a thief. Anyway, I kind of liked that idea so I just wrote it down and I only just revisited it last week on one of my bus rides. Being me and over thinking it, I thought it didn’t really make much sense that a guy’s best friend is a giant dick, when really his own dick would be his best friend, so I then thought about a guy’s dick shooting a thief with a gun. And I thought what better way of showing it then pretty much how I thought of it, have a guy reading the newspaper and thinking about it, done.

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