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So as you may have guessed, I really hate Big Bang Theory. But I have to admit it, this cartoon was originally a dig at Nickelback, as I hate them just as much. But I thought against it, as it’s very similar to another gag I did awhile ago, with a very similar ‘punch line’ as this one (I’m a lazy bastard). So once I new I wanted to make this cartoon a dig at Big Bang Theory, and basically all those annoying pricks who wear “Bazinga!” t-shirts (seriously, what the hell does Bazinga even mean?) who I see all the time at my local shopping centre, I was hesitant. Why? Well I wasn’t quite sure how many people share my hatred of this pile of shit TV show. And you know what? I’m sick of people saying to me “But you’re a geek, you’d love it”. No, seriously…no. No real geek or nerd I know of likes this show, you know why? Well, it’s shit and not funny, yes, but it just makes fun of geeks and nerds by using over exaggerated stereotypes. You want a good nerd/geek TV show? Watch IT Crowd….you’re welcome. So anyway I sat on the idea for awhile and honestly tried to think of something else to put on the guys’ t-shirt, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until the other day that I was in a shop and noticed this atrocity:
So I took a photo of it and posted it on Instagram/Facebook with this caption: “The only Big Bang Theory fact I know is that it’s a giant steaming piece of shit of a show. Do you think that’s in there?” 

I was actually expecting a bit of ‘backlash’ from Big Bang fans, but no! I got some awesome comments, I thought I was alone! So I posted a question on my Brinks Cartoons Facebook page to see if anyone wanted me to make fun of Big Bang, and I got quite a few likes and comments! Honestly, it would have only taken one comment and I would have done it anyway, I just needed an excuse. 

You may have noticed a few things different in this cartoon? Well, I feel like experimenting a bit lately so I thought I’d try inserting some real life images into my ‘toons to see what it looks like. What do you think? I always do have an aversion to backgrounds, hence why I used a real photo for it just to stuff around. What is that background? It’s actually my other ‘real’ paying workplace! Hey I needed a DVD type shop background, and I work at one so why not! I had to throw a couple of Photoshop filters on it though to distort it for two reasons. 1) So I’m not advertising any DVD’s and stuff and 2) So it’s not to distracting from the cartoon and more in the ‘background’. The other thing I did was to insert an actual Big Bang DVD case in the guys’ hand, I did that just because I could really, no other reason.

Hope you all like it (even you Big Bang fans), and I look forward to doing some more experimenting soon! And if you hate something and want me to do a cartoon making fun of it, please feel free to post it on my Facebook page and I’ll see what I can come up with.

See ya!


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